Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tip # 8 You Can Always Alter

I wish you could have seen this Frump-tastic ankle-length dress in all of her bleach spotted glory. I swear I’ll start taking "before" pics. Instead I chopped her at the knees and added a simple sash. Happy Endings are not just for fairy tales, this is real life people. 

I'm pretty proud of the ribbon that goes around the waist. I don't know how to sew button holes (yet) so I improvised by sewing on snaps and hiding them with buttons.

And after a day of eating deep fried rodeo food I'm so thankful I made it adjustable.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tip #7 Never Throw Away Your Favorite Old T-Shirt

Because you may have bought it the summer you lived in Germany, taking care of kids on an army base, whose parents were away at war. And it may have been one of the most challenging experiences you ever had, but you grew as a person, grew in your faith because you actually had to rely on God, and grew in your love of adventure and traveling. That may have happened to you. So even when that shirt is faded and gets holes beyond repair, you shouldn’t throw it away.

I was about to crop this pic so you could see past me in the shirt but I realized the man in the background is my now amazing husband! This picture was taken years before I would have even considered him a friend.

You should cut it out. Iron it to some interfacing. And sew it to the back of a cozy zip up hoodie so you can still wear it 8 years later. 

Also, what kind of thrifter would I be if I didn’t tell you we even got the dog second hand, or “rescued” as some people say.