Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tip # 10 You Can Always Resell or Gift It

I've come by some very cool things in all my days of shopping, cheap and dirty style.

No, I'm not a tiny person. This is a giant backpack! One of thee coolest items I've laid eyes on.

But some of them haven't been exactly "me" or didn't quite fit right. Sadly, I did resell a perfect pair of polka dot J.Crew shorts and an amazing vintage clutch. But not so sadly, I made back my money and could continue my adventures. Also, there is certain joy to finding something not-for-you and gifting it!

These grey jeans were gifted to moi after Jacqui (friend and genius blogger) found them at a thrift store AND wore them a while. For penny pinchers this is the circle of life at it's finest. And yeah this outfit is head to toe second hand. Please take a moment to enjoy the owls on the undershirt, freakin’ owls, amIright?!

I did mention Jacqui was a genius blogger. I'm currently reading the last book she reviewed (and you should too). It's funny, when people ask if I have a favorite genre of books it's hard not to say, "The one's Jacqui recommends."

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tip #9 Ask Me What I Can Do With This Pile of Old Sheets.

Wash them! That is what I can do with a pile of old dirty sheets. Wash them is boiling lava-hot water.

*Seriously, wash anything you get second hand.

 And then….make-a-super-cute-circle-skirt-with-polka-dot-ribbon-on-the-hem-and- SPINNNNNNNN! 

This was my first attempt at a circle skirt! And as you can see there is a pile of sheets (from the thrift store that were about two bucks a pop.) So, I have a feeling you may be seeing some more skirts in future tips.

Bah! How freakin' cute is this polka dot ribbon?!