Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tip #11 Try Something Super Quick and Easy

I have a habit of sometimes taking on very long and challenging projects. My wonderful husband and I are in the middle of a (not so wonderful) first time home purchase. So since that has taken up a lot of my time and emotional energy I decided to do a super quick and easy graphic tee project.

I actually don't have very many graphic tees and am always always always looking for a way to bring more navy, white, and neon pink into my life. I did this top one evening and it was dry the next day.

First, I remembered a plain white t-shirt in my closet and cut off the collar and sleeve stitching.

Secondly, I free-handed a makeshift stencil and cut it out. I'd seen a "birdie" shirt earlier that day at Target which gave me the inspiration...but mine ended up being totally different.

I then traced the stencil onto the shirt with colored pencils.

Lastly, I painted in the lines with acrylic paint I had. It's super important to place something between the two layers of the t-shirt or the color will bleed through onto the back of the shirt.

I ended up spending a grand total of no moneys. Which was perfect because I'm trying to buy a condo. It's nice to have something in my life that is super quick and easy...and cheap!