Sunday, January 10, 2016

#19 Upcyle the world!

I love maps. I love globes. I love traveling. I love the world. So naturally I want my home to encompass the things I love.

I know for a fact I copied this idea. Essentially, I got an old school globe from a rummage sale and removed the thin piece of plastic that keeps those hemisperes together.

Since I already owned a stack of vintage maps I used my Big Shot die cut machine and made circle shapes. I used gloss mode podge to keep them all in place. At this point I have and empty globe bowl.

Now this next party was all my idea. What does one fill a globe with? More GLOBES!

Since I've loved all things world for a while, I already had a bunch of little worlds from resale and rummage stores. But I did end up buying a couple more from World Market. Gasp! So not cheap of me. It's okay, I used a coupon.

Saturday, January 2, 2016

#18 Make your own Christmas decorations. Christmas 2015

If you know me well. You know I like things cheap. Even better if it's free. Especially, around Christmas time!

This year I used an Etsy recipe to create non-edible gingerbread ornaments and a ginger bread house. I can guarantee you'll find the ingredients in your cupboard and I already have oodles of puff paint which I used for "frosting"

So check out what I got to make on a Saturday after noon:

1) I sketched my ideal "home."

2) Came up with some real life dimensions.

3) Cut each piece out of thin cardboard.

4) Taped the pieces as a mock up.

5) Rolled out the dough!

6) Used my mock up cardboard pieces as a cutting template.

7) Baked.

8) Puff painted.

9) Waited for the paint to dry.

10) And assembled with a hot glue gun.

I suppose that doesn't sound too easy. It may even seem crazy. But I would go crazy if I wasn't making something! 

#17 Make your own stockings! Christmas 2015

Just over four years ago was my first Christmas as a wife. I felt I had really joined the family when my awesome mother-in-law made me this amazing felt stocking to coordinate with the others hung above the fire place.

Much to my husbands' delight, I decided to continue this tradition in our home. So the next few years I made some for us. I find the Bucilla brand felt stocking kits on eBay or amazon. If you LOVE mindless, time-consuming, and tedious tasks with very small pieces...these are for you! I happen to love this stuff.

I essentially followed the (Santa's gift Bucilla Christmas stocking) pattern perfectly for the husband.

And this year I made this for my pup using the pieces from the (Bucilla Santa's Bakery Felt Stocking) I almost completely changed the design. I love that silly dog so much it doesn't matter that if he got his paws on this he'd tear it to shreds.

For some reason I always do things the hard way but once I'm finished I'm so happy I did!

#16 Get Spooky. Halloween 2015

Good to see you again. I've been gone from blogging for a long time so I'm super excited to get back into it with one of my favorite Holidays. 

It's a new year so time for some new habits. Actually back to some old habits for me so let me catch you up on: Halloween, Christmas, my home, and my newest challenge.

After just a bit of digging at my favorite place to get the things that are cheap and dirty...

 My husband and I decided for Halloween this year I would be Little Dead Riding Hood!  My cape is made out of a thrifted sheet
with some help from this youtuber. I found the dress at the same thrift store for two dollars. And of course slashed my face up real good thanks to this gent.

My sweet husband was the Big Bad Wolf and one our guy friends was a great enough sport to be Granny.