Saturday, March 26, 2016

#27 Run out of beginners luck on a Dolman top Jalie 3352

After my last couple posts I was beginning to feel like everything I'd make would feel and fit great. Well, it appears I have run out of beginners luck on this Jalie Dolman top.

I did not want to show you you this but since this is a one year challenge I feel I should probably show the challenging parts. And I'll probably learn more from the items I don't care for than the items I love.

Let's start with the things I do like: 
1) Price of fabric was great. I got it on clearance from GirlCharlee. 
2) Color! From far away it looks cream, but up close there are rainbow flecks.
3) I got to use my rainbow serger thread. So pretty
4) Quick and easy pattern.

Here's where things could have gone better:
1) The knit had no recovery. When I first put the top on it was an okay fit but it kept stretching out. The neckline got lower, the length got longer. I'm convinced if I didn't take it off mid-day it would have been a puddle around my ankles.
2) The size. I know dolmans are supposed to be loose and forgiving. But I made this in a size U (already 2 sizes smaller then what my bust measured at). 
3) Length. This is my fault. I added my standard 2 inches in length and it was too long (and only became longer. I tried re-cutting just the front but then I felt the high/low was too extreme.

On the bright side:
1) I look forward to never wearing this shirt again.
2) I will try this pattern again having learned from my mistakes.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

#26 Keep it casual pants Jalie 3461

In one weeks time I already have to swap out my favorite pair of pants. If you remember in my last post I did something I never thought I'd do and made jeans! Those jeans quickly became my favorite pair, but their britches victory was short lived thanks to these.

I made a few slight changes to last weeks pants and they are (mwah) perfect! I added 1" in length about the knee, 1" below the knee, and a 1/2" at the hem creating the perfect 34.5in inseam I need. I'm a size U in these pants but below the knee I tapered into a size R. They aren't exactly skinny jeans but now they could fit in boots.

The biggest game changer for the fit was widening the the waist band. I used 1.5 in elastic and went down one size in the waist. For my body type this was ideal because now they stay up really well but hold in the "love handle" region which I think helps slim.

Even though I used Jalie's Eleanor jeans pattern, I didn't use denim to make them. I used a medium/heavy weight 4 way stretch knit that you can find at  Think super quality not see-through yoga pants. The color is heather navy/grey and has the appearance of jeggings. These pants remind me of a pair of to and fro casual pants I got as a gift from Athleta. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

#25 Do that thing you said you'd never do and make JEANS Jalie 3461

WHAT?! I can make jeans? This is unreal.

 Not only did I just sew my first pair of pants, they happen to be my favorite, most comfortable, best fitting pair of jeans ever! I'm so so so excited and way proud of myself.

When I first truly wanted to get into sewing from patterns (only a few months ago) I told my friend who was talking me through how to read a pattern I would never make jeans. She wasn't having any of it and said it would be easy. Well largely in thanks to Jalie's Elenore Pull on Jeans 3461. It actually was very doable.

I made these in size U and added 2 inches to the length. I wish I would have added 2.5 inches because they are exactly long enough. After years of everything being too short I would have liked a little wiggle room. #tallgirlproblems. I decided to do all stitching in neon pink because it makes me happy.

I got the super stretch denim from Since these jeans don't have true button and zipper fly the stretch is important. I love the dark wash and apparently it loves me. I didn't notice until after I was done sewing that I had developed hypothermic palms.

And this would be me trying to show you how much they s-t-r-e-t-c-h. I used a self timer and dusted off a few cheer moves. You're welcome.