Friday, August 12, 2016

#45 How to Make Felt Succulents

My most recent kill? 

A rainbow ucaliptus my sister nursed to life. I set it next to the window for some photosynthetic fun and it got frostbite...and bit it.

I can't be trusted with plants. Even the promised to be "unkillable" clovers! My mother-in-law said she planted them the year my husband was born and then gave them to me the year we got married. I treasured them! And I. KILLED. THEM.

So I've moved on to felt plants. I randomly created these one afternoon after I found a glass dome while thrifting that was begging me to be filled. I also happened to be spray painting some picture frames which brings me to step one of "How to Make Felt Succulents."

I spray painted one side of my felt. I thought it gave it a muted color, more like real plants and it stiffened up the felt just enough to make it "alive."

Here are the felt pieces. I used my Big Shot die cutting machine and the Sizzix Flowers Layers & Leaves 557690 die. But really, it's such a simple shape your could hand cut these.

I used hot glue to stick the large leaves on the large flower...

And stick the small leaves on small flower. I'm crazy for not using hot glue more often. I usually hand stitch, WHY?

I placed hot glue on the large flower and used a pencil to really shape it around the center of the flower. P.s. I just tried looking up the name of the "center of the flower" and I could only find "ovaries" and "fertile tubular florets." I'm a nurse and even I'm a little like, "Whoa TMI flowers, keep your pants on!"

Check him out. I love this lil guy. I think he's (I guess it's a boy so no ovaries here) the cutest little succulent around. And I'm going to make even more.

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