Thursday, August 25, 2016

#47 My Favorite Shorts - Chi-Town Chinos Round 2

My first pair of Chi-Town Chinos? Lots of learning!

My second pair? So much fun!

His face! So cute I died a little.
I love when I get the chance to redo a pattern because I get to really enjoy it rather than be worried I'll mess something up. Making these Chi-Town Chinos a second time went a lot faster and was a blasty blast.

I measured 14 in the waist, 10 in the hips, and did a thin thigh adjustment, probably down to size 6.  I also lengthened them but if you've ever read a single one of my posts, you know I lengthen literally everything. I ended up doing the cuffed hem which is one of the suggested tweaks Alina put in the pattern. I'm a huge fan of the cuffed hem. I also did the curved pocket this time.

I need to show you the inside of these shorts. I never understood why pockets would be decorative because nobody ever sees them. When I started sewing I learned just how happy yellow gingham makes me, even if nobody ever sees. But now you've seen, and I bet your happy! At least a little bit happier than the beginning of this post? The pattern didn't call for the alternate color on the waistband, but it's pretty soft, so I liked the idea of it sitting up against my skin. I really lucked out on both of these fabrics that you may or may not remember I essentially got for free.

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