Saturday, December 3, 2016

#49 Maternity Pattern Hack-times TWO

It's been my goal to have a homemade or thrifted maternity wardrobe. For one, I love the challenge and two, I value being frugal and saving money when I can. I've mostly accomplished this goal so far and I am okay with mostly accomplishing anything at this point. Does that sound like something a perfectionist would say? Guys, I'm growing! Pregnancy has been pretty rough, but I can see God working in my heart and character as I learn, "His grace is sufficient for me." I can't say I would have seen throwing up 10-15 times a day as a gift from God, but it has drawn me closer to Him, which is ultimately good.

I've blogged about the top on the left before
This Jalie pattern continues to be a favorite of mine. To make it maternity I used the scoop bottom that is normally only on the back of the shirt and put it on the front also. I heightened the neckline. I also lengthened the shirt by two inches (but I did that before I was preggo too). I finished it by adding 2 inches of elastic at the very bottom of my side seams.

You've seen the shorts version of the pants on the left 
I've had plenty of practice with the Chi Town Chino pattern. To make these "pregnancy ready" (below) I made a faux front pocket and zipper. This helped remove any extra bulk of fabric and helped lower the waist band to sit right under my bump. These are size 10 in the waist and hips and size 8 through the leg and I added my standard 2.5 inches to the inseam.

The fit is great but this fabric is WAY outside of my comfort zone. I got the pants fabric at a rummage sale for less than a buck and I harvested the elastic waist band off a pair of thrift store shorts I bought (also less than a buck). It was worth the $2.00 for the learning experience even if I don't wear these again. And truly, I'm just happy to have had the time and ENERGY to get these done.

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