Sunday, January 22, 2017

5 maternity outfits for $20

I can think of no other time in my life when I A) Desperately want to save money and B) Need a completely new and temporary wardrobe. And this amazing time is PREGNANCY.

I hope this post is an encouragement to any fellow penny pinches because I just got five entire maternity outfits for (about) $20! I happen to think these are pretty cute but you can be the judge.

1) Gap flowy shirt 2.99 and Old Navy jeans $0.69

2) Old Navy tee $0.69 and Gap jeans in LONG $6.99
(Thank you body twin for donating these, you made my pregnancy)

3) Gap top $2.24 and Liz Lange skinny jeans $0.69

4) Old Navy tee $0.69 and Old Navy shorts $0.69

5) Old Navy dress $4.99

For a grand total of $20.66 (pre-tax)!!! I feel like I should take a bow. Someone else thinks this is cool right?! Some frugal thrifter out on the interwebs?

Here's how I do what I do: I went to my neighborhood Salvation Army two Saturdays in a row. And any thrifter knows on Saturday you get the $0.69 deal. Depending on what color the "tag of the week" is, you can literally buy anything with that color of tag for almost seventy cents! And there is always a second color tag that is 25% off, which is still pretty nice. Just for a little perspective of just how much moola I kept, that one pair of Gap jeans would have cost me $74.95 and they look like they've never been worn. To whomever donated a pair of Gap pants in 4 LONG...thank you!!!

I also work as a nurse and needed a "new" complete set of nursing scrubs. I'm already a difficult size to fit because of my height but I really really didn't want to spend money on scrubs. Scrubs are thee least fun thing to spend money on. I checked e-bay on a biweekly basis as soon as I found out I was pregnant and was able to spot both pants and tops within 10 weeks for about half the price of brand new.

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