Saturday, January 7, 2017

New Year New Resolution

At the beginning of 2016 I had the ambitious goal of making or altering all of my clothes, with the exception of socks and undies because...really. It's crazy how close I came to this goal. I gained oodles of valuable sewing skills and (hopefully) learned from lots of mistakes. I came "close" to this goal because I got pregnant and frankly could not sew fast enough to keep up with my changing body. This is mainly due to A) all my energy going towards growing a human and B) constant vomiting. (I have thrifted almost all my preggo gear which I'm sure you will see in future posts.)

First off, the good! I'd say the best part of this year is having some awesome clothes that fit better than anything store bought. Here are my favorite items from the year. The clothes I wore time and time again. They are ALL Jalie patterns. Because their patterns were doable and wearable, they have a brand loyal customer for life.

Also, pattern testing!!! I had the opportunity to pattern test FOUR patterns this year. Pattern testing was great because I got a peak "behind the curtain" into the world of designing patterns AND got four free patterns just by doing what I love.

Secondly, the bad. I have one big regret in my sewing extravaganza and that being buying clearance fabric. I kept thinking, "I'm new, I should't spend very much money on fabric. I could just mess it up." But truly, I found that using cheap and wonky fabrics messed things up more than I did. Often times I'd order the fabric online and never even use it. I paid much more care and attention when I was working with a quality fabric that I was actually excited about.

Lastly, the NEW. This year my goal is to master the art of royal icing and cookie decorating. I see it as a way to continue to fuel my creativity and learn something new. Days before the new year I attempted to make royal icing for the very first time. I made all the mistakes so I'd say I have a fun and hopefully tasty year ahead.
If you recognized these cookies as the dice you would use to play Dungeons and Dragons, congratulations! You are huge nerd and we would probably be great friends 😉

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