Sunday, March 26, 2017

Floral and Fawn Nursery

Welcome to my baby girl's nursery!

Literally, within a day of finding out I was having a girl I already knew exactly what I wanted her nursery to look and feel like.

I had to show you this screenshot of my nursery inspiration.
 Clearly I did not sleep the night I found out about her.
 There are so many sweet details that are near to my heart. I'm thrilled to get to show these to you.

FURNITURE! I had this old steamer trunk for over a year before I even got pregnant 'knowing' it would be for a future kiddo. Since finding out the gender I stripped off the fabric and painted it pink.

LIL BABY CLOTHES! My mama knit these sweaters. Some of the outfits are from mother in law The rest are hand me downs from my neighbor girl (whom I adore).

FELT! Hi, have we met? I never pass up an opportunity to make felt flowers. I love that crown.

ART! This art was perfectly made with my daughter in mind by my cousin and legit artist, Holly.

FABRICS! I fell in love with Hawthorne Threads' Fawn collection and used it to make sheets, changing pad covers, a boppy cover, pillow cases, and a blanket.

I already love my daughter so much and hope someday she can appreciate the time I put into doing this for her. For now I'm just WAITING to meet her. While I wait I thought I'd share some prayer requests and you could join me in praying for this baby. This is what her daddy and I have consistently been praying for her:

1) That she would be born naturally, healthily, without issue and would be able to breastfeed well.
2)That she understand the Gospel (life, death, and resurrection of Christ) and place her faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior at a young age.
3) That God give her genuine friendships throughout her life and those friends would be good examples.
4) If it's the Lord's will that she be married, that God already be preparing a husband who LOVES Jesus and is kind, patient, and humble. (Honestly, I'd be happy if she found a man who is half as sweet as her daddy is to me.)

I really just wanted to share some pics and prayers in this post but in the next one I'll show some before and after shots and links to tutorials that were helpful to me.